Henderson Kite is a strategic management consultancy that helps organisations to understand the issues they face and how they are able to develop plans and strategies to capitalise on that insight. Historically operating with media and content companies, we have worked with some of the UK’s largest media and technology operators as well as businesses in the biotech, education and charitable sector.

Our strategies cover everything from the business’ value proposition through to the hard commercial plan with quarterly KPIs that a business can share across the organisation.


We work with businesses to provide a clear understanding of what they have, where they are and the challenges and opportunities that face them. We provide the evidence and insight required to set strategy, undertaking full financial and revenue reviews.

We also engage with our clients’ customers to give a fresh and candid perspective. Most importantly we work with our clients’ internal teams, gaining critical insight on issues and dynamics.


Supporting organisations to create the required change through the use of frameworks to help the team understand the challenges, set objectives, create strategies and measure progress.

We develop frameworks that provide plans and processes to work internally but which also bring in the insights from customers and stakeholders. Our frameworks also ensure teams are provided the right support to work together towards a common objective.


Due to the changing nature of the environment in which organisations find themselves operating within, change is something that most are facing. Whether having to, or wanting to, businesses need to adapt and embrace different ways of working. We help organisations and their teams through this process. Whether opening up visibility on the issues the business faces, involving teams in the strategies and plans that are being developed or developing frameworks that support individuals so they feel their contribution.

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