Publicis & Razorfish


So, Publicis have won the bidding and managed to get their hands on Razorfish. Publicis haven’t been shy on acquiring large digital businesses over the past few years and I’m sure share holders and the Parisian city boys, will be chuffed that billings for Publicis are now up to 25% as promised.
Couple of observations. I’m a big believer in “partnerships” or that good relations come about when you are working on something real with said partners vs the theoretical outline of “how we could work together?”.
It would appear that Microsoft and Publicis have achived this and the relationship goes well beyond the transaction. Publicis. like WPP, have been keen to get closer to technology companies (as the technology guys have been keen to understand the ad men). The recent Razorfish deals involves potential ad money and media trading withinthe Publicis network, I am sure Publicis will be looking to work closer with Microsoft’s development people as technology becomes more important to the whole comms product. Razorfish remains the agency for Microsoft – all looks pretty cool for both parties.
As with any large network acquisition, the press releases talk about the strategic fit and how it will add value to other assets across the conmpany. The reality is invariably that once the money men get their hands on it, its all about getting a return from what was bought and ensuring the network doesn’t fiddle or distract the new addition. I suppose the point is how do you get your 25% digital to be talking to your 75% vs just a portfolio of companies that focus on their own PnL.

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