Is SeeSaw the final piece for UK VOD market


SeeSaw (Previously Project Kangaroo) have announced they have bagged their first big advertisers and ready for their Feb roll out. Obviously there are still deals in the pipeline to carry the large broadcaster’s content. I think the insight here is the prices and sell throughs that pre-roll are getting in long form, produced content (see previous post) and the appeal for something like SeeSaw ad it can generate them more money. If they can get it right, SeeSaw has the ability to extend the online footprint of many of the TV stations existing online audiences and that has to be appealing.

The 4OD and YouTube deal really showed the importance of this and suddenly looks as though it may crack the age old conundrum of “How will YouTube make its money”. Interestingly it could end up being a similar strategy as it was for their search product. Natural being the audience driver and Adwords being the money makeing model that sits on the top.

I am sure there will be a nervousness by many of the stations to dvert attention away from their core online platform, but I think it will start to make them think about how they can extend their audiences and work together. What is the channel and what is the platform? SKY knows this only too well, with SKY homes and SKY channels. SKY on SKY, ITV on SKY, Channel 4 on SKY …. you get the picture.

SeeSaw is a platform not a content provider and operates in the commercial space – that’s what’s new and that is why, whichever way, things are about to change.

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