We’re not for everyone


“We’re not for everyone”. How often do you hear that? I don’t enough.

I read it recently on the Droga5 site in their about us.

So many organisations (and people) will chase and chase money, “customer-always-right-ing”, being what they think people want vs understanding who they are and how they are different. It usually results in a long period of self analysis at some point trying to define and articulate who they are.

It’s important and often over looked to define yourself by what you don’t do as well as what you do do, especially if you are trying to express your differences. Tis is isn’t just the realm of the niche, high end ior creative either, it applies to all of us and is invraibaly where people get draggd into commodity.

Are you for everyone? If not it’s a great starting point.

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