What are you post rationalising?

My Dad always loves to tell me how when you stop to ask for directions in Ireland you still get the “Well I wouldn’t start from here”, at which point you will be given clear directions to said preferred start point and then additional directions to where you wanted to get to.

How many times do businesses think about “is this the best place to start?”, vs post rationalising or included something already in place. The common one is driving traffic to a website that no-one can really remember what it was there to do and is so detached from any strategic (or tactical) objevctive that you can just see the marketing pounds flying out the window.

The number of smart people who will still say “We have spent a lot of money on it ….” … pause ?!. In fact they will even put someone in charge of it who will love and protect it like the doting keeper of Jabba The Hutt’s underground monster.

Is this the best place to start? Is including the website or taking people via that route really the best thing to d? Maybe – but maybe not and it shouldn’t be assumed.

Chris Anderson’s The web is dead. Long live the internet shows how websites are becoming less and less involved and his chart pretty much nails that point.

This is starting to resonate with the product and commercial market but perhaps still needs to be embraced by the marketing & comms teams.

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