The power of visualisation and wiring diagrams

I found this great presentation on new business models, which makes fantastic reading.

The thing that really hit the button was how Board of Innovation visualised each model.  I am a great fan of this and often refer to it as “wiring up” an idea.

Most organisations have been challenged at some point by the fluidity of digital and how tough it is to keep in one place. For many this is the wonder, for some this becomes the organisational nightmare. Trying to get your head round where it goes, could go and vitally should go is half the battle.

Wiring Diagrams – its not a new concept but it works. (paper, pen and 20 spare minutes required)

1. Put your idea at the centre and give it a name

2. Write in the box a description of the basic idea /content / desired interaction

3. Arrows in where people will come from. Go broad and wild !! Look at existing bought, owned and earned activity. Everything from on pack to in store, at event as well your whole comms plan

4. Arrows out to where people will go to. How can the idea get out of the box and where will it go and spread. See above for going wild…

5. Turn the arrows around to point in different directions and ask the question “How would that work”

6. Put people numbers on your arrows and costs if they apply

You’ll probably be somewhere wild and extreme at this point, but with a common sense edit you quickly come up with how your idea lives and breathes and actually something very robust.

More importantly everyone involves gets it very quickly and becomes excited by the movement created by technology vs putting it in the too hard basket.

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