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2014 New News & Plans

So  the wheels of 2014 are firmly rolling (we even sorted the HK site!). After a flying 2013 the time has come to get some more help and so it’s great news that Phil Dearson from the Tribal Exec has joined up. Last year we continued to work with the likes of SKY, ASOS, McDonald’s, as well as the RAB, Expedia and the mighty MEC. Encouraging curiosity. Creating the confidence to have a snoop round and not allowing people to be intimidated by it all.

Learning and development remains the focus for us and it’s fantastic that we are starting to run open courses from this quarter. The Action Planning programmes have added real traction for clients who are looking to build on the momentum and want to get things moving internally and get broader involvement. The penny has now dropped with most organisations that it’s not what you know – but how one approaches and navigates the new.

So three cheers for curiosity (and one for Phil). More to follow ….