Masterclass Content

Module 1: Defining digital media
• Why interaction is the key word not digital
• Market context: Coping with growth and change
• Understand how on and off-line channels fit together and where digital / interactive media fits within the marketing plan
• Value of interaction and how it helps to deliver on marketing and business objectives
OUTCOME – Understanding of digital, component parts and fit

Module 2: Jargon and technology
• Jargon busting. Understand terminology and introduction to technology. HTML, HTML5, browser vs app
• Understanding the media landscape and how brands can reach an audience
• Cookies, data and how it gets applied. 1st and 3rd party data sources
• Process: Third party ad-serving and how we track and use data for planning
OUTCOME – Understanding of technology you will encounter and need to know

Module 3: Planning and trading
• Different trading models (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPE) and their attributes
• Understand how tracking information is used to evaluate effectiveness of digital advertising and how data is used to personalise
• Creating interesting and relevant media plans and solutions e.g. time of day, day of week, positioning and creative strategies
• Looking at non-cash assets and leveraging internal assets
OUTCOME – Understand construction of a media plan

Module 4: Social technology and community
• Looking at how technology has allowed audiences to connect
• The importance of always on marketing and community management
• Using social technologies to listen and engage with an audience
• Looking at how earned, owned and paid channels fit together
OUTCOME – How to review, assess and guide your brand on social platforms

Module 5: Content, Platform, Insight and Audience
• Platforms that can be used to reach an audience and the role of vs 3rd party
• Content planning and how it can be syndicated and shared
• An introduction to video content and how it can shared across networks
• Understanding insight and data tools that can be used to help plan and understand and audience
OUTCOME – Know when to build sites vs pages and establishing consumer usage and insight

Module 6: Mobile, Local and on the move
• Introduction to mobile and defining what we mean
• Interaction and mobile – emerging technologies – Beacon, NFC – how mobile connects experiential and content
• Planning and integrating mobile
OUTCOME – Getting clarity on mobile (what you need and what you don’t)

Module 7: Agencies, Rosters and Briefs
• What’s going on with agencies when it comes to digital
• Challenges agencies have and how digital is disrupting the roster
• How the briefing process has changed and the importance of establishing the right questions at briefing stage
OUTCOME – Understanding the relationship between brand, agency and media owner

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