Digital Masterclass

Two day session @ £950 per delegate

Following the course delegates will

1. Have a clear understanding of what is meant by digital
2. Understand the strategic role of digital interactive technology in marketing & comms
3. Understand why digital is disrupting the industry as well as client and agency structures
4. Have media ad-technology properly explained (incl programmatic)
5. Be able to fully construct and critique digital coms plans
6. Understanding trading and evaluation models
7. Be able to develop valuable and relevant questions and briefs
8. Understand how platform and content fit together
9. Get perspective on where their knowledge sits compared to others
10. Understand its not about a digital strategy but how digital enables the existing strategy
11. Understand agencies and suppliers better – how to brief and manage (singular and within a roster)

Immediate benefits to the business

1. Ensure people have the confidence to engage and question
2. Spread digital knowledge and understanding, counter balance the digital silo
3. Have a better understanding of agency structures and pressures relating to digital
4. Understand how and why agency rosters are changing and where the opportunity and threats are
5. Immediately accelerate the company’s understanding of digital and provide a clear shared focus to build on
6. Give the team a structure to develop personal objectives that grow the business

Detailed course content…

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