OffGrid Sessions

OffGrid Sessions is an annual event we run for the interesting and interested.

We go to Cannes, Texas, Berlin to be inspired and connect, but for a country where, we believe, we really lead the way in thinking and approach in the interactive tech, media and design space, there isn’t anywhere for us to come to together to share and be inspired. We’re not talking about the usual echo chamber of an industry event that describes and listens to itself. We’re talking about something different.

We asked work colleagues, peers, customers, friends and the consensus was the same. It would be great to do something new.

So we created OffGrid Sessions

We bring 300+ people from media, technology, marketing, creative and design together for 48 hours to listen, discuss and debate.

Relocate them to a private island just outside London, with big skies, fields, beautiful buildings and a beach. Create a format of curated talks, workshops, discussions, activities, workshops, walks and talks and you have OffGrid.

If it resonates with you or you would like to find out more visit our website OffGrid Sessions

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