Programmatic course content


Module 1: Defining digital, programmatic & its role

  • Defining what exactly we mean by digital and its application
  • Understanding its attributes and how it drives value for a business
  • Market context and coping with growth and change
  • Value of interaction and how it helps to deliver on business objectives
  • Looking at our first definition of programmatic

OUTCOME – Understanding of digital, component parts and fit

Module 2: Technology & data

  • Terminology and introduction to tech
  • Looking at platforms. Internet vs web – HTML, HTML5, browsers vs apps
  • Introduction to tags and inserting tracking codes on sites used for programmatic
  • Introducing the cookie – what they are, how they work and what they tells us
  • Understanding first and third party cookies and the data they provide
    OUTCOME – Understanding of technology you will encounter and need to know

Module 4: Adserving and site tracking

  • In-depth look at third party adserving – what is and how it is being applied
  • Look at site and creative tagging – tracking both actions and value
  • How we use adserving data to look at campaign attribution and what is working
  • Tracking non-served formats – video, search, email

OUTCOME – Clear understanding of third party adserving, tagging and tracking

Module 5: How (and why) digital media and data is traded

  • Understanding different trading mechanics CPM, CPC, CPA and CPE and how networks and exchanges vary
  • Review of the media landscape and how they monetise
  • The history of ad networks, performance trading and blind buying
  • How media owners use tracking and data to augment their sales
  • The rise of data trading, who owns what and how is it used?
    OUTCOME – Understand trading and the market context behind 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data

Module 6: Deep dive into programmatic buying

  • Defining programmatic and what we mean by it
  • Introduction of APIs, ad exchanges
  • Looking at buy side tech (DSPs) and sell side tech (SSPs)
  • How data is collected and used to add value to digital media (buying people not media)
  • Linking data and trading in a live environment – Real time buying (RTB)
    OUTCOME – A clear understanding of programmatic its threats and opportunities

The session will be run by Jeremy Hill 

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