Sometimes there is a specific problem that needs a specific solution. It may be a new product offering, developing commercial plans or sense checking with your customers. Project work is based on a problem, an agreed approach and a time line and cost to solve it. The process follows that of other areas within Henderson Kite. Identifying what is going on? Why? What can be done.

Project work is where we create teams to help you solve specific problems. We work with innovation experts, techs, strategists and number crunchers. Think the Magnificent Seven (without the hats).

Problems we have solved in the past

1. We have a large roster of great agencies and they all have digital experts. Am getting a bit lost. How do I structure?

2. We continue to grow but need to prioritise now and could do with some help on how we focus on the right customers with the right products.

3. We need to nail our market proposition and pricing for agencies. Can you help?

4. We have a built a large site and it now consumes a lot of time and money. What are my options?

5. Help me get the most out of my agency

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