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LinkedIn for recruitment #trulondon

A good debate last week hosted by @Mr_LinkedIn (Mark) and @jaccov (Jacco) on how LinkedIn is changing recruiters mindset in the industry. Apologies for the poor sound quality, although worth turning up your volume to hear what the gentlemen are saying. I must also warn you that there are bit where I am speaking and the volume is extremely loud.

Mark and Jacco had a very open mind to recruitment and how LinkedIn is changing the perception of recruiters, which was fantastic. They openly shared their thoughts on how recruiters are using LinkedIn. I personally was interested in how LinkedIn API (Application Programming Interface) could allow companies to bring some of the discussions into their ATS (Application Tracking System). @Andyheadworth felt that recruiters needed to change their perspective to LinkedIn before any of the APIs could make their way into the recruitment systems.

I believe as futurologist and technologist we need to predict the changes now and start developing the systems. So when the recruitment world is ready we can serve our customers


Debate Part 1

Debate Part 2