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Twitter spammed by company in China

Over the last few days Twitter has been spammed by direct messages (DMs), such as:

hhey, i've been having better sex and longer with this here <link>
haha. This you? <link>

The messages seem to come from users we might know in real life and at first look fairly innocent.

Account compromised

Firstly, it wouldn’t be fair to blame the users we are getting the message from. Unfortunately knowingly or unknowingly their account has been hacked. This is how it typically happens. On clicking the link, it takes a user to a page which looks like a Twitter page but hosted on http://twitter.login.kevanshome.org owned by Xin Net Technology Corporation in Shanghai China.

Once a user enters their Twitter username and password, the company has access to their details and starts spamming their followers on their behalf. This has hence spread like wildfire, people expecting messages from their friends and opening it to find nothing. The scam continues on kevanshome.org where the home page has been disguised into a Myspace, grrr.

Xin Net Technology Corporation

The company is renowned for it’s spamming activity and has a whole wiki page talking about their malicious activities. Xin Net Technology sites make a user agree to a set of terms and conditions, which include:

Users need to strictly abide “the People’s Republic of China Computer Information Network and the Internet Interim Provisions on the Management” “China’s Internet Internet Management.” “China’s Internet domain name registration interim management approach,” and other relevant laws and administrative regulations;

In essence these spam sites expect you to follow Chinese law, which unfortunately are not as severe as Western laws for hackers and spammers.

What you should do

Firstly, if your account is compromised change your password. If your login details are different they won’t be able to enter your account and spam your contacts. If you are really upset with the company, here is Xin Net Technology’s contact details (public information available on whois site):



Email: lixing688@gmail.com


Lastly, as social networking gets popular, more and more spammers will start using it. We have already experienced it on the emails, brace yourself for social networking spam. As a community we need to be aware and not click on any suspicious links, be careful especially when a site asks for your username and password.