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Circle of events

twitter 101

I read a few things this morning that seem to be oddly linked and all worth a mention. I started off my day reading a bit more of Nick Davies’ rather good book called Flat Earth News The book is all about the state of journalism  and the media industry in this country and how one factor is how PR is acting as a major catalyst in creating a culture of churnalism and shoddy reporting

The second was that Twitter has launched its Twitter 101 guide for how people and businesses can get involved with Twitter, whihc looked pretty good. I read about this on a Brand Republic piece that introduced it as a guide for the “clueless”. A little harsh I thought.

I then read another piece posted by Brand Republic on a rather thin survey undertaken by price comparison site www.top10-broadband.co.uk  on how broadband were suppliers were doing on their “Tweets”. Of which Brand Republic decided to report on it – getting exposure and creating some great contextual ads down the bottom for Top 10 Broadband.

Ha! The circle is complete. God bless the clueless