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Marketing executive survey, on social media trends in 2010

Recently MENG, and Anderson Analytics released a report highlighting the importance of social media in the marketing world. MENG is a national network of top-level marketing executives.

A few point, which grabbed my attention were: (full presentation available below):

  • Social Media usage. Most large companies have presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but obviously not using Myspace as much. 92% of executives had a LinkedIn presence, but only 13% maintained a personal blog.
  • Internal or external resources. More and more companies are looking to hire internal employees to strategies and implement social media, followed by social media consultants.
  • Online or offline. 45% of the spend will be online as oppose to 55% offline spend. Smaller companies are more likely to spend higher online, 48% of them as oppose to 30% (2000+ employees).
  • Relevant and Importance. Marketing ROI, customer retention, brand loyalty, branding, customer service etc are still the most important topics for marketing heads. Mobile, social media, word of mouth, blogging etc are channels they are using increasingly to achieve these objectives.

Anderson Analytics MENG 2010 Trend Report Final