These sessions are designed to provide you with the skills and confidence to allow you to engage immediately. Whether challenging your agency, creating better plans or building better solutions. Below is an example of some of the sessions we run. Running from 1 to 3 days.

1. Digital masterclass

The course we have been running (and updating) for over 10 years. A three day session that gives “everything you need to know”, highly interactive and discursive. The sessions looks at the challenges and opportunities interactive technology creates, how it is disrupting the industry and marketing services businesses, provide a real grounding on how things work from insight, through to creation and execution to measurement and attribution.

2. Leadership in a digital age

How do you navigate through uncertainty and get the best from your team or agency. What does a good client or agency look like these days. Do your senior team have the confidence and understanding to lead, challenge and give clear direction. Leadership in a digital age is a 2 day session that looks at the current issues in the market, different models and approaches being used by different categories and how the focus and the nature of relationships need to adapt.

3. Ad-tech, programmatic, data & trading

The session looks at how technology, data and trading have seen the rise programmatic and automated trading. We go into depth looking at the technology behind it, how businesses are using their own data and partnering with others to generate new exciting opportunities to reach an audience.

4. Developing ideas that rock

Still think brainstorming works? Still putting ideas on the hard drive and expecting people to share? These sessions are about how you get better ideas shared across your business that you can test and  land. Generating the right questions. Ensuring you really understand what the issues are. Looking for interesting places to find more valuable insights about your customers. The sessions gives practical real advice and techniques to get your team thinking about how they work and what they should be doing.


“Why don’t we just do it ourself?”

“… we have digital experts, why don’t we do it ourself?”

  1. You make more money doing what you do – not putting your valuable and scarce resource on developing training
  2. Henderson Kite has been training clients, agencies and media owners for 10 years and is now considered best in class
  3. There can be tension between digital and non digital teams. As such internal teams delivering training may not always be received as openly
  4. Bringing external support provides a fresh perspective to the team and shows a commitment and desire from management


We also run a more involved programme called Action Planning, which runs across a 12 month period with the team.

Action Planning …

What clients say

We asked people to rate what they thought of the course we run overall – 5 for excellent to 1 for rubbish, here are the results.

  • 5 Excellent – 80%
  • 4 Very Good – 15%
  • 3 Not Bad – 5%
  • 2 Not Good – 0%
  • 1 Rubbish – 0%

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