We work with a number of our clients on an ongoing basis to take that confidence and curiosity further and help them develop plans and processes that support them during the period of change. Ensuring teams are supported and continuing to work and develop together.

Action Planning

Action planning is a programme that has been developed with out clients over the past five years and helps teams develop objectives and goals. Its based around getting teams to come together – agree a direction and identify their part in delivering that.

It encourages the visualisation and sharing of agreed actions so that everyone can see and feel the common direction  and ensuring  the team are given the proper time and space to review on a quarterly basis.

These are 12 month programmes and are designed to bolt directly onto the training work that is delivered. Action Planning has 4 distinct phases

1. Where are we now?

A hard review of the business both financially and through the eyes of the team and your customers. Gathering insight through 1-2-1 work with your team, talking to your customers as well as creating a seroes of financial and performance dashboards to create an in depth financial analysis.

2. Where do we want to get to?

Setting objectives and goals for the team, that mirror the business objectives. Providing the team both a vision as well as clear measurable goals that ensure the business is able to create strategies that deliver.

3. Who is going to do what by when?

Creating a culture of inclusion and shared responsibility. Phase 3 is about coming together as a group and agreeing what needs to be done and what the individual involvement will be. Not only prioritising issues and actions for the following 3 months, but ensuring everyone understands how their actions deliver on to the broader objectives and goals.

4. Review after 3 months (see point 1)

Action planning works on a 3 month cycle. Quarterly sessions review and set strategy and in between the team agrees to hit the deliverables set by the group. Within the quarterly sessions we review “What worked  and why?” and “What didn’t work (or wasn’t done) and why?” – tying back into phase 1.

“Expedia has been working with Jeremy and Henderson Kite since the restructure of our media team over 12 months ago

Following a series of training sessions he now runs a quarterly action planning programme which brings together the team from across EMEA and APAC, helping them share and plan their commercial priorities as a group . The success of the initiative can been seen clearly across all our metrics, most importantly revenue”

Jane McFadzean, Senior Director of Sales & Business Development EMEA / APAC Expedia

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